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Same Studio, New Name

The Clinton-based artist Tim Rand has changed the name of his studio.

TRand Art Studio and Gallery, formerly known as Tarat Studio, is on Utica Street.

Rand said one of the main reasons he changed the name of his studio is because passersby thought it was a place to get tarot card readings. “And I don’t know anything about tarot cards,” Rand said.

He said he also changed the name because he signs his painting TRand.

Rand’s studio features three rooms of paintings. One room is dedicated to seascapes; another is full of portraits; the last room features abstract paintings.

In addition to a studio name change, Rand has been busy creating new artwork during the coronavirus shutdown.

He said he could not see family as often as usual because of COVID-19 stay-at-home guidelines. As a way to get close to family while social distancing, Rand painted the “Humble Honey Bee” on his parent’s garage.

He said “Humble Honey Bee” is a metaphor “for everyone needing to come together at this time.”

“A honey bee wouldn’t survive on its own,” he said. “But with hundreds of honey bees, they’re able to live and prosper.”

The original oil painting of the honey bee is being used as the grand prize for a drawing Rand has put together through his website.

Those interested in purchasing a Life is Sweet raffle ticket - $10 for one ticket or $40 for five tickets - have until the end of July. The winner will be drawn...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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