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Marshall Supervisor Resigns

At the July 14 meeting of the Marshall Town Board, Supervisor Andy Williams announced he was resigning July 20.

He cited increased work responsibilities, and said the Town deserves someone who can give more attention to the job at hand, especially during this time of shrinking budgets. He said he does not think he is able to do the work to the best of his ability.

Williams said once he takes on a task, he sees it through and does not like to abandon it. He was given a round of applause by the Board members and those in attendance.

Williams was elected Supervisor in November 2018 and began his term the following January. Jack Buschmann, Deputy Supervisor, will take over until a permanent replacement for Williams can be found.

Chris Steinmann was appointed to fill out the first year of James Peck’s term until Jan. 1. In addition he will be on the ballot in November to complete the last three years of Peck’s term; Peck died in May.

The Board discussed the expected sales tax revenue, which will be less…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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