Find Fun, Entertainment On Your Own

Covid-19 guidelines are still keeping many people home.

From movies to books to music, there are ways to connect with your community while staying home at home.

First on the list is an in-the-works Loomis Gang project. Multiple books have been written about the gang that terrorized Waterville and the surrounding area. But what about a movie that depicts Wash, Grove and the rest of the gang?

Local documentarian Andy Wolf is bringing the story of the infamous gang to life. The working title of the film is “The Loomis Gang Documentary.”

You can find a Facebook page with that same name. The page features some behind-the-scenes photos and videos. There is a trailer for the documentary on the Facebook page, too.

Wolf has been working on The Loomis Gang film for about five years. A lot has gone into the making of the documentary, including interviews with historians and historical reenactments.

His interest in The Loomis Gang started when he was a kid living in Clayville. When he and his family visited relatives, the family drove down Route 12 South, which is Loomis country. His dad talked about The Loomis Gang as they drove, and...

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