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No Last Chances For Seniors In Spring Sports

One of the hardest realities of the Covid-19 pandemic came when the entire spring high school sports season was canceled.

For some kids that meant a year gone to develop and improve in their sport. Seniors, though, lost their final opportunity to improve, create memories and wrap up their high school athletics with their team.

Over the last several weeks the Waterville Times worked with coaches for the spring sports at our three schools to create a tribute to those seniors who did not get one more time. Coaches at Brookfield, Clinton and Waterville shared their thoughts of what might have been with their teams and senior players.

Thank you, coaches, for helping us honor those kids who missed a big chunk of what makes senior year special.

What is on those two pages certainly does not equate to people dying or being hospitalized due to the coronavirus. The words of the coaches, though, do hammer in more what this pandemic has taken away.

This is not the traditional Senior Sports Salute we normally do in the Times. But without a ball being put in play in months, it’s the best we could put together.

Also inside, learn which local athletes...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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