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Clinton Pool Opens Up

The Clinton Youth Foundation had its annual meeting last Monday night to discuss this year's schedule for the Jack Boynton Community Pool.

The meeting opened with a formal vote to establish the Officers and members for the 2020 Board. CYF President Jennifer Giannone welcomed the dozen or so people in attendance at the outdoor meeting at the pool. Jeff Larson was elected to the office of vice president.

CYF Treasurer Serena Butcher gave an overview of the past year's finances before setting the tone for expected income the rest of the year.

Butcher said the organization has not been able to do their regular fundraisers, but still netted a $4,195 profit for the year.

"This year is obviously not going to be the same as last year," Butcher said. "Pool use was up last year, but 2020 isn't predictable."

The Community Pool was expected to open earlier this week. There will be two Open Swim sessions available a day at 1 to 3:45 p.m. and 4:15 to 7 p.m.

The pool will be cleaned in the half hour between sessions.

Swimming will be open to 75 visitors maximum capacity to maintain social distancing. A reservation system is online for members and day-passers to schedule time for one session a day.

Access to the pool without a reservation will be open to members and those with a day pass on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed entry. Anyone under 14 must be chaperoned by someone 16 or older.

Pricing for the 2020 season has changed from previous years. Family Memberships are $195 for the full season, $120 for July, and $85 for August.

Individual memberships are $105 for the full season, $65 for July, and $50 for August. Day Passes are $5 per day per person with an initial $25 registration fee per household.

Anyone wanting to join must fill out a membership form for their information to be in the system to reserve pool time. Reservations can placed be up to three days in advance.

Adding someone to a family membership can be done for $10 online. Space can be reserved at

The Board made note that the Foundation is applying for grants for the pool because of the current financial situation. Donations are encouraged, and concessions will be available but limited at the pool.

Questions can be emailed to and more details are available at If anyone has any problems, they're asked to please let the Board know.

The pool will not offer swimming lessons this year and safety equipment and toys will not be provided.

The Capital Campaign currently has $9,000 towards its original goal of $150,000. However, since that goal was set it's been realized more work will need to be done.

A current fundraising campaign has matching donations up to $5,000.

The Board then fielded questions from the group until the adjournment of the meeting.

The Clinton Youth Foundation thanks the Clinton community for their continuing support for the Community Pool.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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