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Trivia Game Provides Fun

Waterville Central School graduate Matt Olmstead found a way to take minds off the serious issues going on, at least for two hours a week.

Olmstead created an online and interactive quiz show free for anyone to play. For two hours every week, Olmstead and his team produce the show for a steadily growing number of players.

Teams are determined and pitted against each other in a test of wit and showmanship. Rounds of general knowledge questions, both multiple choice and open-answered, are divided with picture rounds and drunken karaoke, where singers are encouraged to perform a song as deliberately exuberant as they can.

"I feel like we're reinventing the wheel," Olmstead said. "We were doing the trivia show for a few people, and we had to take a few weeks off.

“During the time off, people were saying to me 'Tuesdays just aren't the same without the show,' so we picked it back up and it's been gaining interest every since."

The game is hosted on Twitch is a community of live-streaming artists, gamers, and more. Streamers and fans can talk together during a livestream.

Twitch notably helps run fundraisers Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick, raising $3 million each at their last two events.

"We wanted to do this for the people," Olmstead said. "It's different and fun. And giving people something interactive is important while we're separated."

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