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Rise Against Hunger Will Pack Another 45,000 Meals

Last year the Clinton effort in the Rise Against Hunger fight put together 45,000 meals in four hours.

They plan to do it again this year.

Amy Bashant and Beth Roy gave a presentation last week on the organization’s plans for a fourth year to help feed hungry people around the world. The organization sends food to 78 countries.

Their talk was part of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting at LutheranCare. Retired Kirkland Police chief Dan English received the Chamber’s Community Service award.

Roy and Bashant said Rise Against Hunger has provided meals to 533,981,845 people around the world since its inception in 1998. Clinton has participated since 2017 and packaged 100,000 meals.

The Clinton program started when the Clinton United Methodist Church took it on as a mission. In that first year they raised money to package 15,000 meals.

The way Rise Against Hunger works is community groups raise funds to sponsor meals. Each meal costs 30 cents.

Based on the amount of money raised, the national organization then brings the contents for each meal and the packaging needed to travel around the world. Those materials come to the community and volunteers put together the meal bags and package them in boxes.

After the first year the Methodist Church reached out to other churches in the Clinton Ministerium and the result was 40,000 meals prepared.

Last year the group raised money and put together 45,000 meals.

Bashant showed a map of countries around the world that have...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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