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Clinton Receives Tree Grant

The March 2 Village of Clinton board meeting began with a moment of silence for Andrew Maxam.

Maxam was a respected member of the village’s Department of Public Works who passed away last month. He'll be missed.

The DPW moved seven loads of solid waste to the dump, including four tires. Ten Christmas trees were removed. Total fuel used was 536.88 gallons at a cost of $621.56.

A plugged sewer on Meadow Street was caused by wipes not breaking down in the system. Twelve LED lights were installed in the back garage.

The Water Department pumped 12,275,100 gallons in February. Plant 2 pumped 11,590,900 gallons and Plant 1 is on and will remain active.

Seventy-five gallons of Chlorine and 389 pounds of Fluoride were used. A new Venturi installed on Sanford Avenue began recording flows March 1.

A $1,000 grant from the New York State Forestry Council was awarded to Clinton to plant trees at designated sites around the Village.

The Clinton Fire Department answered 57 calls for February. Twenty-nine calls were medical and 28 calls were fire related.

Two mutual aid calls were met for Westmoreland. Two weekends in a row, the Fire Department combated structure fires; the house fire on Post Street was a total loss.

Clinton Fire Chief Jim Scoones said he will not be seeking re-election as Chief due to personal and health reasons. Scoones said two recent back surgeries influenced his decision.

The Town of Kirkland Police Department answered 228 calls in January and 190 calls in February. The numbers for accidents, traffic tickets, parking tickets, and...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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