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More Discussion On Solar Project

After three hours together last week, the town of Sangerfield and the company proposing a solar farm on Brothertown Road found agreement on what they agree and disagree on regarding the plan.

At last week’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, ZBA Chairman Paul Gallagher and attorney John Langey went over a list of 38 conditions that must be met for NextEra to obtain a Special Use Permit. The SUP is required for them to put a solar panel farm in the field on the west side of Brothertown Road.

The meeting started with the introduction of the ZBA’s newest member. Bill Lachmann replaces Phil Olin, who was elected to the town board in November.

Much of the discussion revolved around details of the project, such as the size of trees to be planted as a buffer with residents on the east side of the road and the drainage requirements on slopes of more than 5 degrees.

Project manager Janet Ward said the design is in compliance with what the Department of Environmental Conservation requires.

Gallagher said the town has hired the engineering firm Barton and Loguidice to supervise construction of the solar project on behalf of the town. NextEra will pay for that, with payment due to the town last week.

The state’s Agricultural and Markets department has yet to make a decision on whether the solar project of 27 acres will have a negative effect on farming on the remainder of Edward Gallagher’s land. Gallagher Farm LLC, represented by Ed and Eric Gallagher, sent a letter to the town saying it authorizes the use of the project for the project.

NextEra will lease the land for 25 to 35 years.

ZBA members had a number of questions about maintenance…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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