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Kirkland, Clinton Set Climate Goals

A moment of silence for Harvey Yando was held to open the joint meeting between the Town of Kirkland and Village of Clinton boards.

Yando, husband of Kirkland Councilwoman Donna Yando, was a longtime active community member and businessman.

Board member Garry Colarusso chaired the meeting. The first resolution approved was to support the Planning Board moving forward with a Moratorium for the Construction and Installation of Solar Energy Systems.

The minutes from the Jan. 2 Organizational Meeting were approved. Anthony Arcuri was appointed Budget Director.

The 2020 contract between the Town, Clinton Youth Foundation and Kirkland Art Center was approved.

The resolution to accept the 2020 retainer agreement with Felt-Evans legal services was approved.

The board agreed to loan up to $150,000 from the Sewers Fund to the Highway DA fund temporarily until the receipt of the DA tax in February.

Two non-competitive police positions were approved...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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