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WCS Win Sets Up No. 500 In Two

The Waterville girls basketball team’s varsity victory over Sherburne-Earlville showed Head Coach Larry Stockwell will shark apart a good team start to finish.

The win improved the Indians to 9-5 and put Stockwell’s career coaching wins at 498. If the Indians beat West Canada Monday, No. 500 could be won at home Thursday vs. Central Valley Academy.

From the tip Natalee Collins won, Paige Cornish gathered the ball and dished it to Janelle Cleary for a layup on the right side for the first score of the game quicker than it took to read this sentence. Sherburne brought the ball up and worked to their baseline where Collins used strong defense to force a turnover.

Sherburne's Alexis James stole the ball and broke away but the ball was blocked by a trailing Megan Wittenbeck. Cleary stole the ball which led to an empty trip to the free throw line for WCS. Cornish stole the ball next which led to another empty trip.

Sherburne's defense was holding as S-E's Tessa Cole picked up a block which was answered by Collins swatting a shot. Cole blocked another shot on the next possession and Collins grabbed an offensive rebound but the shots weren't falling for Waterville in the opening rush.

Sherburne made a three to take a 3-2 lead over the Indians. Another empty offensive trip for Waterville led to a made Sherburne free throw.

Cleary drove for a shot and got…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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