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Stay Safe With Winter Fire Protection Tips

A local fire department is reminding residents that fire prevention and safety is important in winter months.

With those bitterly cold February days just around the corner, tips on staying safe this winter season will help save you and your family.

The Barton Hose Co. in Deansboro, stays busy. The fire district sits between the villages of Clinton and Waterville; volunteers in Deansboro assist both municipalities when needed. In addition, they cover emergencies in Deansboro and Oriskany Falls.

Deansboro Chief Chris Steinmann said many fires the department sees during the winter are those that involve a home’s heating system.

One suggestion Steinmann gives is be sure to get that chimney cleaned to not only prevent fires, but also to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

“A majority of the structure fires that we have gone to go back to the home heating source, whether or not it’s a plugged chimney, furnace malfunction and heating with the wrong source, like an electric heater,” he said.

Steinmann recommends that holiday lights be checked for fraying and to pay attention to extension cords. “I’m a big stickler on extension cords,” he explained. “We’ve all seen the Christmas story where they plugged in all these little adaptors on their outlets; that’s also a big no-no.”

When summer arrives, overloaded circuits are what to look for, especially when using air conditioners.

A way the department and other area fire departments spread the message of fire prevention is by traveling to local schools.

They visited the Waterville Central School District last October during Fire Prevention Week. Steinmann said firefighters participated in different fire safety…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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