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A Year Of Progress On Kirkland Trails

The first annual meeting for the Kirkland Trails Group was Jan. 13 and started off with a warm welcome from Trails Group President Sharon Williams.

Her excitement was shared around the room at St. James’ Church by many for the first of many formal and informal steps taken by the Group to get established. She introduced her fellow members of the board and thanked the supporters who made it possible.

There was an election of officials and then a recap of organizational progress was begun.

Accomplished so far has been creating the organization, structuring state compliant bylaws, and securing the permit for the state-owned railbed. More permits are being sought.

The current goals for the trail are to make it just over 6 miles from Clinton to just outside of Oriskany Falls. It will include an informational kiosk.

Group members said they hope the first section of the trail from Deansboro to Dugway Road will be finished in the first half of the year.

Jim Bramley gave a presentation about the future for the group as the Chairman of Planning. He said he sees connecting routes to the Clark Mills trail within the next three to five years.

The Clark Mills Trails could connect to the Rome Trails system, connecting it to the Erie Canal Trail.

Kathy Collett said the group can be contacted through email and Facebook. Searching kirklandnytrails will return their site.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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