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Town of Marshall Says No To Solar Tax-Free

The December Marshall Town Board meeting opened with a public hearing to disallow tax exemptions for solar power. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Supervisor Jack Buschmann in the absence of Supervisor Andy Williams. The purpose of the hearing was to decide whether commercial solar farms in the Town of Marshall would be tax exempt or if taxes would be levied. There were no objections or discussion of the matter. A resolution was passed that if a company proposes a solar project in Marshall it will not be tax-exempt. A state law allows for a 15-year tax exemption if the taxing entities do not request the project to be taxed. Michael Schaaf of State Route 315 thanked the Town for helping clean out Oriskany Creek, which runs behind his house. There was widespread and destructive flooding the night of Halloween. Schaaf said he believed the Town’s actions and cooperation helped save homes. He said he had never seen government work that fast, and expressed disappointment that elected representatives, particularly Assemblyman John Salka and County Legislator Colin Idzi, were not present at the meeting. Schaaf said a Trackhoe with a long stick is sitting idle near Sauquoit Creek on Chenango Road. He said the State of New York is paying $10,000 a month until spring for it to be there in case of more flooding. Schaaf said the Trackhoe should be made available to other areas where flooding has occurred to help them clean up the creek beds. At the least, he said, it can take out trees which line the creek before they fall in, creating another log jam. There was a great deal of discussion regarding...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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