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Lakers Edge Warriors 2-0

It was a tough but competitive showdown for the Clinton boys hockey team in their 2-0 defeat to state No. 1 Skaneateles at the Clinton Arena. Clinton's offense couldn't break through the Skaneatelas defense although they found themselves with several close opportunities. Skaneatelas played like the No. 1 team, weathering No. 6 state-ranked Clinton's assault before picking apart the Warriors defense on two separate occasions. Clinton goalie Dan Frank saved 22 of 24 shots, but the two he couldn't save were shots set up by good passing. Skaneateles went to work early, putting a shot on goal 19 seconds into the game. Ethan Carr answered for Clinton with a shot saved the other way. Skaneateles picked up a penalty shortly after a minute into the game. Carr had the first shot of the power play saved before Corbin Melie and Tyler Karuzas had shots saved. The Skaneateles defense then locked down for the rest of the power play and managed to get back to even strength without surrendering a goal. Clinton stayed aggressive and looked to be controlling the pace of the game. Josh Doris had a good opportunity as he was streaking to the net but he was tackled from behind by a defender with no call made. Both teams appeared to settle in as the action was taking place in the middle of the ice as they fought for possession. With 8:32 to play in the first, a double penalty was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on both teams. Doris had a shot glove saved and Skaneateles took the puck and looked for a scoring chance. From the right side, the Skaneateles forward wound up and sent a streaking

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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