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Strolling For A Clinton Match

They are a match made in Clinton.

For one recently engaged couple, the Village of Clinton is where they met, live, work, play, eat, and eventually, the place they hope to tie the knot.

Jessica Getz grew up in Texas. Her grandparents are from Clark Mills. Getz would come up from Texas to visit her grandparents as a kid.

When it came time for Getz to find a place to live as an adult five years ago, she remembered Clinton. “I knew I wanted to live in a small town. I was like, I remember that cute town that I used to visit, Clinton, and I moved up here,” Getz said.

She said Clinton was her go-to place to live because she wanted to know the people walking down the street and be familiar with neighbors. She also still has family in Clark Mills.

Dusty Elmer had a Clinton mailing address growing up. Because his father’s house was right outside of the Clinton Central School District, he attended Westmoreland school.

Elmer is well-known in the area as a talented banjo player. He’s played in local bands like The Old Main and solo shows around the greater Utica area.

After Getz made the move to Clinton, she worked at various village businesses, including at Utica Coffee in Clinton, where she is a familiar face, as she’s been employed with the local coffee chain...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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