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Sharing A CNA’s Reward

My name is Gabriel. I am a 17-year-old sophomore and have been a CNA (certified nursing assistant) since I was 16.

Whenever I tell people what I do they say, ‘Oh, you’re a butt whiper.’ Which I find very derogatory and offensive for all that we do for our residents.

Imagine one of your loved ones losing their independence, they are still the same person they always were. But can’t do things on their own anymore.

That’s where a CNA comes in. We are a part of a team who keeps their life in balance. We make sure that their physical needs are met, that they are fed, that they are clean, that they are showered, teeth brushed and they feel good about the way they look.

As well as their emotional needs, taking care of a person every day you form a really strong bond. We provide them with activities where they can bond with friends and family.

As a CNA I have been able to become very close to many residents and many of their families too.

One of the harder things we have to do as CNAs is post-mortem care, preparing someone after they are deceased for the resident’s family and eventually the funeral home or wherever they planned to go.

Being a CNA is a very rewarding job, but it can be very difficult at times.

But nothing’s better than the feeling that you know you’re taking care of a person to the best of your ability.

I would hope that any of you feeling the urge to become a CNA take the opportunity.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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