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Warriors Earn Two Big Wins

The Clinton boys ice hockey team won for the second time this season and picked up their first win in the Clinton Arena 3-1 last Friday night.

Corbin Melie scored the game's first three goals to comfortably put Clinton into winning position.

The opening minutes of the first period were all Clinton and showed an aggressive, attacking team looking for the victory. Michael Plumb, Aiden Walter, and Melie each got a shot on goal in the first minute and a half of the game.

The Liverpool goalie easily made the saves as the teams were feeling each other out. A few minutes went by without any more shots as both teams fought for possession.

Antonio Femia put a shot on goal that was saved and Clinton soon found themselves on the power play.

Melie's first shot of the power play was saved and Clinton lost some time on an offsides. Nolan Provost's shot was saved.

Walter's deflection on a pass into the crease was saved. The loose puck was flipped by Alex Getman in front of the goal but it just sailed parallel to the goalline. Femia had another shot saved before a shot from Brian Hall was deflected safely away by the defense.

Liverpool was not getting anything going offensively and was having real trouble with the Warrior pressure on defense. Walter put another shot on goal and the rebound was momentarily available before the goalie dived on the puck.

Soon after a Clinton penalty made it 4 on 5. A boarding call put Clinton at a…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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