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Menorah Lighting Begins Dec. 22 in Park

The Village of Clinton will have a menorah-lighting ceremony in the Village Park starting next week.

Rabbi Didy Waks of Chabad of Clinton said he has been working with the Village of Clinton for a few years - under three mayoral administrations - to get a menorah displayed on the Village Green for the full eight nights of Hanukkah.

Previously, Waks had permission to set up a Hanukkah menorah on the Green; however, he had to take it down after the candle-lighting ceremony each night, he said. “We didn’t want to have a ceremony each night. We just wanted it to be there,” he said.

Waks said this year, after “a lot of discussion, the Village Board was extremely receptive in hearing different ideas. The mayor was extremely open.”

Clinton Mayor Steve Bellona said, “I am pleased that the Village Board of Trustees was able to develop a policy for non-commercial use of the Village Green that encompasses a broad range of activities for its use by Village and Town residents.

“It reflects the hard work and thoughtfulness of the Board. I am looking forward to Dec. 22 for the lighting of the Menorah on the Village Green, and to have it present on the Green through Dec. 30,” Bellona said.

The lighting of the first candle of the menorah will include Bellona and others. Waks said Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente and U.S. Congressman Anthony Brindisi are also expected to be in attendance.

“It’s more than just having permission to put a menorah up on the Green,” Waks said. “We’re hoping that people in the community, Jewish and non-Jewish, feel that…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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