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WCS Joins Connected Community Schools

It’s a complicated world teachers find themselves in as instructors.

In outlining how teachers and schools are called upon to do more than simply educate these days, American Federations of Teachers union president Randi Weingarten said her organization has found a way to support and supplement what is done in the classroom. “If we don’t meet the needs of children how will we instruct in a high-quality way,’’ she asked about 50 people last week at the Delta Lake Inn.

Weingarten came to Rome on a multi-purpose trip, including taking a look at the results in the Rome City School District where AFT has funded what was the Rome Community School program.

She also announced the financial support for the new expanded Connected Community Schools, with the Waterville Central School District, along with Town of Webb and Dolgeville districts, joining as the pilot expansion districts.

The program based in Rome is run by Melissa Roys, a Waterville Central School graduate who invited many of the program’s 52 partners to the event. It was, she said, a way for everyone to be in the same room and understand the big picture of what is being done.

“You are truly connecting the community,’’ Roys told them as she gave an outline of the success of the Rome program.

Roys, who has been leading the program for 18 months, said there are four pillars that define what is done. These are Expanded Educational Opportunities, Collaborative Leadership Services, Active Family Community Engagement and Family Support.

In Rome, the top needs were identified as …

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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