Marshall Hears Information On Rules For Solar Fields

November 5, 2019


The October meeting of the Marshall Town Board opened with a presentation abut insurance.


Michelle Witt and Penny Eaton, agents representing Aflac, an independent insurance plan that provides coverage through payroll deduction for out-of-pocket expenses in case of accident or serious illness, spoke. The purpose of their visit was to ask the Town of Marshall to allow a payroll deduction. 


Witt and Eaton are proposing that the Town of Marshall offer Aflac as voluntary supplementary insurance to its full-time employees at the employees’ expense. They also requested permission from the Board to meet with staff about this insurance so they can make an informed decision. 


The minimum participation is three persons. The Board voted to give Aflac permission to talk to the town employees. They will follow up with Town Clerk Mary Blunt and set up two meetings, one with the Highway Department, the only full-time employees of the Town, and one for other town employees.


In other business, Kaitlin Crawford of Peck Road was appointed…

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