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Trails Group Outlines Plan

The Kirkland Trails Group gave a presentation to the Town of Kirkland board last week.

Group members talked about their upcoming projects and plans. Studies are being done to determine what work needs to be done to the trails system.

Town Supervisor Bob Meelan said the work Kirkland Trails has been doing is phenomenal. “They're really on the ball about what needs to be done," Meelan said. "It's been a privilege working with them.

In other matters, residents of Roberts Road voiced their displeasure of the addition of propane cannons on the Blueberry Farm on Roberts Road. The Blueberry Farm has come under fire from the other residents of Roberts Road because of safety and noise concerns.

An informational update of the 12B Corridor will be…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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