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WCS Test Scores Improve Slightly

Waterville Central School District students who took state assessment tests last year showed improvement compared to test results from 2018.

At last week’s WCS Board of Education meeting, Principals Maureen Gray and Nick Rauch reviewed the results, along with going over scores for Regents and Advanced Placement exams. Teachers use the data to adjust their classroom instruction for this year’s students.

Here is how students did in grades 3 through 8 on state math and English Language Arts:

*Third grade results in both subjects were up from 2018

*Fourth grade showed a slight drop in ELA and an increase in math

*Fifth grade results dropped in both subjects

*Sixth graders went up in ELA and dropped slightly in math. Still, the percentage of their results remained among the highest at WCS compared to other districts in Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES, the region and state.

*Seventh graders did about the same as the 2018 seventh graders

*Eighth graders did the same on ELA and were up slightly in math. Rauch pointed out the math improvement came even as the grade’s top math students skip eighth grade math and are moved to ninth grade algebra.

*Regents passing results: ELA 85 percent; Algebra 86 percent, …

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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