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Marshall Discusses Ambulance House

There was much discussion concerning the Ambulance Corps (COCVAC), which has been headquartered near the Marshall Town Barn for the past two years, and their plans.

Talk on the emergency response service came at the Sept. 10 meeting of the Marshall Town Board.

The ambulance agency hopes to be in place permanently in December; however, the original grant money allocated to the Town of Marshall by DASNY (Dormitory Authority of the State of New York) is no longer available, because the trailer requested by COCVAC is not a permanent structure.

Therefore, the Board has to go through the grant process with DASNY again, to see if money will be forthcoming.

To date, the Board stated, COCVAC has not paid anything during their tenure in Marshall for utilities. The only thing they have provided is the trailer in place now, which, as they have informed the Board, is no longer sufficient for their needs.

Marshall Board members expressed hope other towns which use the ambulance will help with expenses, but without a contract, which COCVAC does not want to enter into, that is doubtful.

In other matters, Dan Ford, chairman of the Board of Assessment and Review, stated that in his opinion, the BAR needed a secretary. He proposed appointing Faith Gaudin in that position.

She would not be a voting member of the BAR, which has…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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