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Indians Off To 3-0 Start

From behind, Matthew Filler was lifted up and spun around about 10 yards from the Little Falls goal.

Teammate Keegan Reilly held Filler off the ground while teammate Thomas Legacy pounded him on the back. Filler had just scored the sixth and final goal in Waterville’s convincing shutout over Little Falls to open the season and the three seniors celebrated a fine start to their last year in purple.

Waterville debuted in the Brothertown Optimist Tournament with an opening win and then handled Remsen in the title game for their second claim of the championship in a row. In between tournament games, Waterville defeated Poland in an away game that went to two overtimes.

Waterville's second championship game Saturday night had the Indians jumped out to a one-goal lead in the opening minutes when Marco Barberi sent one through to give Waterville the first advantage.

Barberi was named the MVP for Offense in the tournament. Dustin Fuller, Austin Hutchins, Dylan Williams and Jacob Barth were also named to the All-tournament team.

Two more Waterville chances through the opening 20 minutes were just off-target to extend the lead and Remsen had trouble responding quickly…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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