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Celebrating Two Centuries Of Life

Leona Failing and Eleanor Dawes hit milestone birthdays in the last couple of weeks.

Both women are residents of Waterville Residential Care Center. Dawes, formerly of Deansboro and Clinton, turned 99. Failing did her one year better, reaching 100 years old.

The two women both enjoy an active life and their birthdays were celebrated both with their fellow residents and families.

They also each answered some questions put to them by Activities Director Laura Wratten, looking back on their lives and offering some words of wisdom.

Failing attributed her century of life to never having smoked, drank or swore. “Our father taught us that,’’ she said.

A typical day for this self-described early bird is up early and early to bed, she said. She enjoys mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast. “I can have anything I want,’’ Failing said.

In her lifetime, she called her children the most important invention.

Advice to a young person, Failing said, is to mind their parents always. To her younger self, she would say, “I think I did well along the whole way.’’

Having outlived many family and friends, Failing credits her faith…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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