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In Need Of Homes

One of the greatest aspects about our area is that we help. We help neighbors when they are in need. We help by donating to various fundraisers and charities. And we help local mom-and-pop shops by keeping business local.

A local organization is in need of help.

CPV Rescue and Sanctuary is a cat and kitten rescue facility in Clinton that is operated by donations and volunteers. That’s it. There are no outside funding streams or paid staff.

Traditionally, spring through early summer is kitten season. And that means local animal shelters are housing many, many little felines.

CPV Rescue and Sanctuary is no exception. They can shelter around 30 cats and kittens at a given time. Currently, they are at maximum capacity, and they’re asking for the community’s help.

Because the rescue is out of space, there’s a five-month waiting list for cat and kitten intakes. So, to help more cats in the future, CPV Rescue and Sanctuary is asking people to adopt.

That’s one of the biggest ways to help the Clinton-based cat rescue. Adopting a cat or kitten frees up space, meaning the rescue facility can take in more cats from that waiting list.

Now, if you’re seriously thinking about pet adoption, don’t forget about adult cats. Those looking to adopt are usually drawn to the cute, energetic, little kittens.

When you adopt an adult cat, you skip over those sometimes-hard-to-handle kitten months. Yes, kittens are cute and cuddly, but so are full-grown cats.

Another way to help CPV Rescue and Sanctuary is by volunteering. Because the rescue does not have a paid staff, there’s a constant need for volunteers. They accept volunteers who are age 14 and older. It’s a perfect - or should I say purrrfect - place for a retiree to spend some time.

Other ways to help keep the rescue running smoothly is through donation of supplies, like cat litter, food and cleaning supplies, and through monetary donations. With animal rescue comes the veterinary bill.

Shots, medication, surgery, all those things add up. The rescue has an Amazon Wish List, where you can see what supplies are needed, and they accept donations through PayPal.

If you’re thinking about bringing a cat or kitten into your home, visit CPV Rescue and Sanctuary. If you don’t want to adopt but are looking to help, donate.

We, as a community, can do this. We can help a local organization in need. Are you in?

- By Zach Lewis

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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