School Budgets All Pass, Board Members Chosen

All local school districts had approval by voters last week for their 2018-19 budgets.

In Waterville, the budget passed 203-65. The proposition to buy new buses passed 193-73 and budgets for the Waterville and Clark Memorial libraries also passed.

In Clinton the budget passed 599-115. The proposition for new buses passed 595-115.

Brookfield’s budget passed 105-31. In Madison the budget was approved 103-31.

Waterville voters had to decide how to fill three board seats in light of having just two candidates running. Board member Mark Mowrey won a full term with 209 votes and former assistant district treasurer Linda Hughes won a three-year seat with 230 votes.

As for the third seat, a two-year term, the winner of 38 of the 63 write-in votes was current board president Roberta Williams, who had decided not to run for another term.

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