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Candidate, Farmers Discuss Agricultural Concerns

On a Waterville farm, U.S. Democratic Congressional candidate Anthony Brindisi announced he'll request to serve on the House Agriculture Committee if elected in November.

Brindisi wants the nation to know that New York is an important agricultural state and under the current state of affairs, NY farmers are endangered. Brindisi made the announcement when meeting in the area with about 50 agricultural producers and vendors from this area to discuss issues related to farming and producing food in Central New York. On the table was the upcoming farm bill and its impact on school lunches and food stamp programs and how critical those programs are in supporting local farmers.

Other topics discussed were marketing, competition from huge conglomerates in the West and Midwest, new and emerging niche markets, the work force and the impact of immigration policies, technology, equipment costs, and other legislation efforts


Brindisi is running for U.S. Congress for the New York 22nd District which is 57 percent rural. He would like these discussions to lead to an agricultural policy advisory committee if elected in November. The listening sessions were followed by farm tours.

For the full story, check newsstands for this week's edition of The Waterville Times. You can also request a previous issue of The Waterville Times.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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