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Cat Rescue Sanctuary Opens In Clinton

CPV Rescue and Sanctuary in Clinton tries to duplicate a true home environment as closely as possible for the feline friends in their care, said Executive Director Sarah Price.

“We get the cats right out of the cages and they roam around, just like they would in a home,” she said while watching the four-legged friends explore their surroundings.

Well, at least most of them can get out and about. Sometimes a cat might not be as social as the others, and needs to stay in the cage.

Most of them, however, are free to get out and play, and hope the next person through the door might take them to a new forever home.

Sadly, the cats are there because they have no homes of their own. Some were strays, some have been given up, and all of them need a bit of tender loving care.

The non-profit CPV - an acronym for Clinton Pet Vet - is an outreach of the veterinarian’s office owned by Dr. Jessica Price, Sarah’s sister. The sanctuary was originally housed in her offices nearby on Dwight Avenue.

When they outgrew that facility, they moved to their current Meadow Street building in August 2017. The no-kill shelter is dedicated to giving the cats a place to live after they have been abandoned, lost, neglected, and sometimes even abused.

For the full story, check newsstands for this week's edition of The Waterville Times. You can also request a previous issue of The Waterville Times.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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