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Panel Discusses Racial Justice

A panel discussion about racial justice took place recently at the Kirkland Town Library.

The Promoting Racial Justice in the Mohawk Valley: Personal Stories and Discussions panel was made up of community leaders who spoke about race as it relates to the local area and nationwide.

Panel members included Spanish teacher and Director of King of Kings Life Development Program at JKF Middle School Brandon Long, journalist and teacher Jeanette Lenoir, Program Director of Save our Street and consultant on Race Relations at the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office Patrick Johnson and activist Freddie Hamilton.

Leading the discussion as moderator was Phyllis Breland, director of Opportunity Programs and Interim Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Hamilton College.

The discussion group was formed in conjunction with the Kirkland Democratic Committee’s approval of Resolution of Racial Justice.

The resolution, which was endorsed on Sept. 13, 2017, states, “We believe that no one should be complicit in further disenfranchising People of Color nor silent in the face of such disenfranchisement at this time in our nation’s history.”

“It is hereby resolved that the Town of Kirkland Democratic Committee will encourage and support actions of local governments that work toward intentionally reviewing and ensuring that their policies and practices promote racial justice.”

Katherine Collett, chair of the Kirkland Democratic Committee said that the panel discussion could help show how to best implement the resolution.

(The full Resolution of Racial Justice is available by clicking through the photo slideshow at top of this story.)

For the full story, check newsstands for this week's edition of The Waterville Times. You can also request a previous issue of The Waterville Times.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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