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Windmill Plan Explained At Sangerfield Meeting

The Town of Sangerfield Board met in-person Tuesday evening to discuss new business.

EDP Renewables met with the Board to field questions regarding their plans for Wind Farm installations in the area. EDP Renewables is expanding to the Madison Wind Farm for 2025.

A copy of the Sangerfield Wind ordinance was requested and Town of Sangerfield Supervisor Bill Fredericks notified the representatives of the Aug. 6 public hearing as well as a closed-door meeting to take place.

Boardmember Bill Lachmann asked about site permissions and the constructed heights versus the height restrictions. The windmills are planned to be built within code and permissions and some preliminary agreements are acquired. Boardmember Kevin Kelley asked about the long-term plans for the sites.

Town resident Dustin Dwyer met with the Board to explain his perspective for his recent litigation with the Town regarding his in-home business. Dwyer said his interpretation of the exception requirements for his residency to fulfill the classification was not unreasonable and his residency fit all the requirements to be classified as an in-home business.

He credited some members of the Town with their help going through…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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