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Two Armed Officers Will Be Added In Buildings

Mount Markham Central School District will add two School Resource Officers in the fall to have all three schools protected with an armed officer.

MM Superintendent Joe D’Apice explained to the Mount Markham Board of Education last week how the cost can be picked up in the 2023-24 budget.

D’Apice said he looked at adding two officers after he received a lot of calls following a school shooting in Nashville, Tenn.

Also at the meeting, a mom spoke about her fears and the need for additional security. She and D’Apice each had spoken with the Herkimer County Sheriff’s Department, who said response times would vary to reach West Winfield depending where in the county cars were on patrol.

D’Apice said his children attend a different district where there is an armed SRO at every entrance. “We can’t assume it will never happen here,’’ he said. “Yes, there is a cost to add officers. It’s a give and take.’’

With the retirement in June of a High School business teacher, D’Apice said the cost of that salary and benefits could pay for adding two SROs. Mount Markham this year has one School Resource Officer.

Duties of the business teacher/career coordinator can be divided among existing staff, D’Apice said.

This year’s SRO is funded through federal recovery money. Board member Phil Casler asked what the plan will be when the federal funding is gone in a year.

D’Apice said the District will look at ways to continue the funding; Board members agreed that having an armed officer in the schools was a necessary step to protect children and staff.

Also at the meeting Speech and Debate advisor Sue Culver provided the Board members with an update on the Club’s…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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