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Town Weighs Center Idea

The Town of Winfield Board met Wednesday evening to discuss new business.

A representative of Gates-Cole Insurance spoke with the Board about their Insurance coverage for the year. The total cost for the year is $19,623.83.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing the payment for General Funds and Highway Funds. The Board approved a resolution accepting the Supervisor's and Clerk's reports into Town record.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the July 13 meeting minutes into town record after a short discussion.

Town of Winfield Supervisor Budd Osborn said he's working on the 2023 budget and is almost done.

A representative of Herkimer County sent a letter to the Town asking if the Town still offered business and investment tax exemptions.

A variance application for a carport on a property was received…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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