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Town Solar Moratorium Could Go Longer

At their September meeting, the Sangerfield Town Board set up a public hearing to extend the moratorium on commercial solar systems.

The ban would add six months to the Town’s halt on accepting or acting on applications for commercial solar fields. A public hearing on the matter before the Local Law is adopted is set for the Town’s next meeting Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. at Sangerfield Town Hall.

No comments were received at the public hearing to open the meeting regarding the Town’s contract with Spectrum.

Two residents near the Town Green told the Town they will be figuring out the parking situation on their own. They said there is no need for no parking signs at this time.

Highway Superintendent Karl Buschor said the new dump truck is on the assembly line and the loader has arrived. He was given permission to post the old loader on an auction site for 14 days.

The pickup truck was sold on the auction site for $28,100.

Buschor will also sell the old plow truck, perhaps to another town.

Road ditching for the county is almost done. The county will help with the shoulders on White Street and Bailey Road.

The fire hydrant has not been installed. Buschor said Village of Waterville DPW Superintendent Jamie Bechy said he still plans to do it.

Digital radios are at least a year from being available. Buschor said the Highway Department will need 10 of them at a cost of $18,000.

Board members voted unanimously to override…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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