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Town of Richfield Sets 2023 Budget

Members of the Richfield Town Board conducted workshops in October to put together the 2023 budget that they adopted last month.

One of the changes made was to use a different healthcare plan for town employees. The healthcare provider went from MVP Gold to Excellus Standard Gold Plan. The agent was changed to Sound Mind Financial Group.

The Board also voted to change the contribution rate of participants to 15 percent.

Minor line item changes in expenses were made.

Also discussed in October:

Highway Superintendent Tim Proctor informed the board the red flag on the Elm Street Ext has been lifted. Proctor is waiting for the bridge to be rated. Proctor said the board should think about replacing the bridge in the near future.

The Board discussed the ambulance contract and what portion of the contract is ambulance coverage and what portion is fire coverage. Supervisor Dan Sullivan will contact the Village to get an accurate breakdown.

Councilman Ed Bello informed the Board he has been in contact with Spectrum regarding the outstanding balance. Spectrum has offered to reduce the amount due by half which is $2,843.95.

Bello will offer a $1,000 settlement. Sullivan said he will contact Verizon to inquire about the credit they had offered when the Town changed the phone service back to Verizon.

The Board approved a downpayment of $58,100 for the new loader. It will be made when the loader arrives.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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