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Town of Bridgewater Allows Pot Dispensaries

The Town of Bridgewater Board met Thursday evening to discuss new business.

Town of Bridgewater Supervisor Dale DeKing noted $8,500 in budget adjustments.

Before the meeting DeKing opened the public hearing regarding the Marijuana Laws. DeKing said the Town of Bridgewater would opt-out of allowing onsite consumption. Dispensaries and greenhouses will be allowed within the Town.

Town of Bridgewater council Matt Fanelli said anyone interested in opening a cannabis business would need to satisfy the requirements of the NYS Cannabis Board.

DeKing then closed the public hearing on Cannabis and opened the Budget Hearing. The budget is expected to increase 2 percent.

DeKing then closed the budget hearing and began the regular business meeting. "I'd like to take a moment to thank our veterans," Deking said. "And all our prayers to military that's protecting us on Veterans Day."

The Board approved a resolution accepting the October meeting minutes.

Jerry Beigh reported he's still battling leaks. He added creek work would be necessary next spring and drain work is required in certain areas.

Disconnection notices are being distributed.

Zoning Board Chair Dierdra Williams reported she worked on the Town website. She thanked Destiny Davis for helping her on the project.

Town Assessor Bernie Szarek said he's taking classes online, however the NYS issued classes don't cost as much. A shed from Schaefer's was moved to the Westmoreland Library….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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