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Summer Rules For Recycling

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority would like to share some recycling reminders to make your summer as waste free as possible.

Inflatable pools and floats, pool toys and kiddie pools are not recyclable. Please do not place them in your recycling bin or bring them to a plastic film recycling program.

If you cannot reuse or repair these items, they go in your garbage bin.

Hard plastic kiddie/wading pools can be brought to the Utica or Rome EcoDrop to be recycled as bulky rigid plastic.

Disposing of fireworks requires a few extra steps before you put them in your garbage bin. Fireworks can remain hazardous even after they have been lit.

To ensure your safety and the safety of workers and our facilities, please take a moment to follow these steps. First, soak the fireworks in water for at least 15 minutes.

After soaking, place them in a plastic bag so they do not dry out. The soaked, plastic wrapped fireworks can then be placed in your garbage bin. Fireworks are not recyclable and should not be placed in your recycling bin.

Try to avoid single-use items. Disposable plates, cups and silverware are convenient, however they can add up to a large amount of waste pretty quickly.

Besides plastic cups, none of these items are recyclable and should go in your garbage. Consider switching to reusable plates, cups and silverware to make your summer get togethers less…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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