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Stimulus Fund Ideas Listed

The Town of Winfield Board met Wednesday night to discuss new business.

The Board approved resolutions for General and Highway Funds and the Supervisor's and Clerk's reports.

The Board held a discussion about December's minutes. The March Board meeting date was moved to the 16th.

The Board made a note for the third Wednesday of month to be the meeting arrangement for the Board from now on. It was also noted meeting dates were subject to change as needed.

The Board held a discussion regarding banking procedures, salary changes, and Town employees.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the Organizational Chart as corrected.

The Board held a short discussion about purchasing office supplies.

The Fuel Bid is expected for February's meeting.

The security camera system for the Town Park has arrived.

The first Bond payment for the Loader is expected in March. The Loader…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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