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State Law Says More Permits Needed For Home Repairs

The Village of Waterville wants homeowners to understand permits are needed for home repairs such as replacing windows and setting up swing sets.

At last week’s Village Board meeting, Codes Officer Kevin English explained that the state Codes Laws required permits, and inspections by the Codes Officer, for work that most people do without a permit. Also included is replacing a hot water heater.

The discussion during the 50-minute meeting came up as the Village Board examined its regulations on fencing. Trustee Brian Bogan had wanted a stipulation that the good side of the fence face to the neighboring property.

Mayor Gene Ostrander went over a fencing permit application from another municipality; the Board thought it too strict so will modify it and discuss at a later meeting.

Ostrander and English will review the state Codes Laws and list what work needs a permit. The Board will then set fees for such applications.

In other matters, Department of Public Works Superintendent Jamie Bechy said FEMA paid 75 percent of the cost of a shed damaged during the 2019 Halloween storm. The state paid half of the remaining 25 percent.

While the state originally held back 20 percent of the highway improvement funds, all of that money will be provided, Bechy said.

He discussed the need for a new sweeper in the department. A demo model could be purchased for $270,000; this year’s budget has $70,000 marked toward the purchase….


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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