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Sangerfield Hears Route Idea

A walking route around Sangerfield and Waterville would need financial input from both municipalities.

At last week’s Town of Sangerfield meeting, Waterville First president Brian Bogan, who is also a village trustee, outlined the idea to make the 3-mile route safer for the many people who use it. Resident Roxanne Benson, who does the loop frequently, also attended the meeting conducted on Zoom.

Bogan explained that the route goes through the village on sidewalks, but users have to take to the road on Osborne Avenue heading toward Route 20. Once at the village line at the top of the hill, the rest of Osborne has no shoulder going to Route 20.

The Village of Waterville, Bogan said, is willing to put in a sidewalk extension from where it ends to the village line. Sangerfield, he suggested, could provide a safer walking area along Osborne to Route 20.

Although Route 20 gets traffic, it is two lanes and cars often move over, Bogan said, plus there is a wide shoulder. Upon reaching Route 12, the sidewalk begins.

Sangerfield Supervisor Jeff Reynolds said under the railroad trestle heading into the village was also dangerous even though it has a sidewalk. The railroad, he said, should be asked to make that safer.

“That is also a drainage issue,’’ Reynolds said, “whenever we get rain.’’

Councilman Bill Lachmann said a formal plan with cost estimates is needed before the town could make a decision. Bogan said Sangerfield Highway Department Superintendent Karl Buschor thought $30,000 would add a walking area in the town along Osborne.

Town board members said they didn’t know where that money could come from. Reynolds said because Osborne is a straightaway with speeding an issue, perhaps the route could go behind…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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