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Rogers Nature Center Hires New Director

The Rogers Center’s Board of Directors has hired David Carson to lead Central New York’s preeminent environmental education center as the new executive director.

He returns home from South Florida with his wife, Dana, following an international career in climate science and business administration.

“My family has been coming to Rogers for four generations. To see it in such great shape, with an exceptional board and talented staff, excites me beyond words,” Carson said. “We have an incredible opportunity ahead of us.”

The Rogers Environmental Education Center, now in its seventh decade of evolution, is experiencing what some might call an environmental renaissance. Spread across 600 acres of diverse landscapes, outdoor classrooms and a visitors center, Rogers provides outstanding environmental education opportunities for its patrons across New York state.

With Ellen Rathbone, senior environmental educator, now at the helm of program development, and sound financial footing fortified by 10 years of exceptional executive leadership, Rogers is poised for newfound growth.

John Pumilio, president of the Board, said “We are thrilled…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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