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Road Projects Outlined

The April 13 meeting of the Marshall Town Board opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and approval of the minutes of the last regular Town Board meeting and the special meeting March 30.

Eric Schachtler, who owns and operates Schachtler Stone Products on Shanley Road, spoke first. He took issue with the Town Board and officials of the Town Government because, in his opinion, there is no point in appealing Judge Clark’s decision that Schachtler was in fact issued an SUP in 2013.

He said he had obtained all the necessary documents and approvals to operate the quarry, according to the Judge, and that further arbitration in the case would serve only to spend taxpayer dollars without restraint of any kind.

Schachtler formally requested that the Appeal and the motion to re-argue to the case be withdrawn.

Supervisor Jack Buschmann replied that as far as he and the Board were concerned, the town had done due diligence in the case. The Board had a few questions to ask the Judge to clarify her position so they are all on the same page, and then the whole matter should be put to rest, he said.

Buschmann said town officials were only doing their jobs. He said to Schachtler, “you won”, that he should be happy, and as far as the Town is concerned it’s over. The fact that the Town is asking the Judge for interpretation is protection for them and for Schachtler, he said.

Ed Gallagher of Route 315 asked why, if the town already had in place an attorney – Bill Getman – they hired, at taxpayer expense, another attorney to try the case, in this instance Vincent Rossi. He also questioned the amount of money paid Rossi.

It amounted to “less than $10,000” Buschmann said, and with his final invoice of $1,650 he is done working for the Town. Buschmann reiterated that the Town is moving on, and they recognize that Schachtler prevailed.

Judy Seelman, of Shanley Road, approached the Board about a decision made by Assessor Kathy Fitzgerald with which she disagrees. Buschmann will set up a meeting with Fitzgerald, Seelman, and himself to iron out the problem.

Zoning Board of Appeals Chairperson Maryanne Marsh reported that the ZBA did not meet last month due to Covid concerns, but plan to meet this month.

There were no reports from Assessors, Codes, or Planning Board. The Water Board report indicated everything is going smoothly.

In his report, Highway Superintendent Bob Welch told the Board the Town is getting quite a bit more money this year through CHIPS in the amount of $197,475. There is a rollover of $16,000, making the total $213,475, an increase of 29.57 percent over last year.

Welch said the Highway Department needs to “spend that money to get it.”...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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