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Resident Concerned About Damage Done By Trucks

A Town of Augusta resident said heavy trucks going on the road are causing damage.

At the Town’s May meeting, a resident of Norton Road attended to speak about concerns. While there is a 6-ton weight limit to the road, the resident said heavier trucks are causing damage to the road and his property.

He said he had spoken to Town Highway Superintendent Phil Eaton and was becoming concerned about the cost of repairs. He was told the Board members would next speak with Eaton and he should contact the Department of Environmental Conservation about concerns that are not town-related.

Skip Staelens thanked Councilman Mark Russell for all the Solar-related information provided to the Zoning and Planning boards.

Board members had questions regarding lighting in the Town Barn and getting quotes or comparative pricing on repairs over $1,800. Supervisor Sue Collins said she will talk with Eaton.

An application for a resident’s home to be repaired under the Community Block Development Grant was approved.

Board members approved a $150 for Knoxboro to use for Memorial Day events.

A request was also made for help by the Town in mowing Knoxboro Cemetery. Last year the Town did mowing…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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