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Rabies Clinic In Bridgewater Proposed To Help Residents

The Town of Bridgewater Board met Thursday evening to discuss new business.

Town resident Dawn David spoke to the Board to request a Dog Rabies Vaccination Clinic to be brought to the Town so residents wouldn't have to travel a significant distance for rabies shots.

Town of Bridgewater Supervisor Dale DeKing said she put in a request to Oneida County for a clinic.

David also made a building use permit request for the Town Hall for the memorial service of Earl David. The Board approved a resolution approving the building use permit.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the December meeting minutes.

The Board held a discussion about the Volunteer Firefighters and EMS Responders property tax exemption. The Board approved a resolution to hold a public hearing Feb. 9 to discuss implementing the property tax exemption as a local law.

Planning Board Chairperson Destiny Davis reported the Planning Board met Dec. 20. There were no walk-ins and the Board reviewed training sessions.

Zoning Board Chairperson Diedra Williams said the ZBA held a hearing and approved a building permit. There was a short discussion about the hours requirements and oaths of ZBA members.

Zoning/Codes Enforcement Officer Pat Baron led a short discussion about the process one property is going through to reach compliance.

Jerry Perry reported things are running good with the Water system. He said the wasted water numbers are lowered. He's currently checking the system for stressed parts to see where potential problems in the system may surface.

DeKing reported she would be meeting with the County this week to discuss the Route 20 flooding.

An Excavator is due at the Town Garage Feb. 1.

Board member Chris Haar provided letters for politicians Town residents can sign and send to support the discussion regarding the flooding issues.

DeKing said the Board needed to elect a representative for the Association of Towns meeting. The Board approved a resolution naming DeKing as representative.

The Board approved retroactive building-use permits for events that had already taken place.

A Town of Bridgewater Truck was involved in a car accident. A urinalysis was required, and the initial billing for it was $1,500 before DeKing settled the amount to $300.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing the payment of the General Bills, Highway Bills, and Water Bills.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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