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Published Book Leads To More


As a religion major at Colgate University, James Ciccone learned he liked the research and writing process.

Actually, Ciccone, a 1974 graduate of Mount Markham, said he took some time to realize he enjoyed the academic side of education. “I was more athletic than intellectual,’’ said Ciccone, who attended Colgate on a soccer scholarship. “But I had always enjoyed history.’’

Born in Auburn, Ciccone’s family came to the area when he was in kindergarten, which he attended in Waterville, still remembering his teacher, Mrs. Manchester. He went to Bridgewater Elementary School and High School at Mount Markham, the year the three schools.

“I met a lot of fine folks along the way,’’ Ciccone said of his days here.

In high school he wrote poetry and short stories, submitting to magazines, with some published. But sports more than writing guided his life.

While suiting up for the Mustangs boys soccer teams, coached by Chuck Engle of Oriskany Falls, Ciccone helped lead the team to an 18-0 record and its first Section Three title. The Mustangs repeated as sectional champs the next year....


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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