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Plainfield Buys New Plow Truck

The Regular meeting of the Plainfield Town Board was March 9 in the Town Hall.

Town Assessor John Davison reported that he finished the last batch of transfers and will have it all submitted to the county by the middle of April. He is continuing to work on new construction.

Highway Superintendent Rod Jennison reported that they are doing highway work.

The request for purchase of a 2025 Freightliner complete with plow equipment was approved by the Board.

The February Town Clerk reports, Minutes and Abstracts were all presented and approved by the Board.

The Board received the Final 2022 Audit.

The generator has been installed. The delivery of propane tanks is forthcoming.

The Dog Control Officer received a satisfactory report from NYS Ag and Markets.

The Judges 2021 audit was performed. He has not submitted paperwork for the 2022 audit.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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