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Our Clinton Wins

The Kirkland Town Library thanks readers for helping reclaim the trophy in the reading challenge versus New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts!

There were 129 KTL readers who read 9,901 hours this summer.

The KTL is excited that the victory came home to the library that started this challenge in 2021. The other three participants have already signed on for 2024, plus another Clinton community has committed to joining!

In the spirit of sportsmanship, the Kirkland Town Library shared that the Ross Library in Lock Haven, PA (a member of the Clinton County PA libraries - one of the competitors) suffered a flood this month. A strong storm hit while roof repairs over the main adult collections were being done.

Some materials were lost, but most were saved due to the quick actions of the dedicated library staff. If you are interested in contributing to their restoration fund, checks can be sent to Ross Library, 232 W. Main Street, Lock Haven, PA 17745. Please write “restoration fund” in the memo line.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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