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Options For Cemetery Weighed By Association

Brookfield Rural Cemetery’s Board wants to remain an independent association to take care of the cemetery.

At a meeting last week with the Town of Brookfield Board, Cemetery Board members discussed their options to do so. But unless enough money can be found to keep going for a couple of years, the Town will take the cemetery over.

Karen Six, president of the Cemetery Association, said everyone wants what is best for the cemetery.

That, she and everyone at the meeting agreed, would be for the Association to continue to handle burials and plot maintenance.

However, an investment made with Burt Marshall starting 20 years ago erased 70 percent of the Cemetery Association’s funds.

That comes to $170,000 of the Association’s $200,000 in funds.

Marshall’s investments collapsed about a year ago, leaving him owing about $90 million. While his rental properties in Hamilton are being sold, investors who lost funds will get a return of 10 to 20 cents per $1 invested at the most.

Six said of the Association’s remaining funds, $17,000 is in an account that cannot be spent, leaving them with about $8,000.

The biggest cost is mowing and maintenance, which last year came to almost $16,000.

“We have about half of what we need for this year,’’ Six said.

The cemetery sees two to 10 burials a year, but those are done on plots already purchased in most instances.

Until Marshall’s investments ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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