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New Codes Officer For Marshall Keeping Busy

The February meeting of the Town of Marshall opened with approval of the minutes of the January meeting and the Jan. 16 special meeting, which dealt with personnel issues.

The first to speak was Eric Schachtler, CEO of Schachtler Stone Products. He questioned a copy of a letter from the Board sent to the state Department of Conservation, signed by Supervisor Jack Buschmann.

The letter was dated Jan. 10, the date of the last Board meeting, and faxed to the DEC Jan. 11. Schachtler asked if the letter was by agreement of the entire Board.

Schachtler said he attended the Jan. 10 meeting and no mention was made of the issue, which was his request that the hours of his mining business on Shanley Road be modified. There was no public discussion.

Apparently, the Board made the resolution following last month’s executive session after the first public session, when the meeting was again open to the public.

To questions and concerns presented by neighbors along VanHyning Road about the businesses operated by Dan Williams, Buschmann introduced newly-appointed Codes Enforcement Office, Gary Schreppel of Clinton. Former CEO Dan Ford resigned.

Schreppel met with the neighbors following the public meeting. He had previously met with Dan Williams.

Samantha Marrone of Route 12 has come forward to serve on the Planning Committee. She was appointed unanimously.

Debbie Zweifel Yaciuk gave the report from the Zoning Board of Appeals. In January, they held their organizational meeting, appointing Jamie McNair as Chairman and Colleen McNair as Deputy chair. Meetings are the second Wednesday of each month.

There were no Comprehensive Review, Assessors, Planning Board or CEO reports.

In his report, Dan Yoxall, Water Board Chairman, said the conserve water warning has been lifted. The auxiliary water source, the creek, has been shut down.

Work was done on the filter building; three of the doors were replaced. He said he received information…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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